Our Services

Door to door

We pick up and deliver your shipments right to your door, we use prompt and reliable delivery services to deliver your documents, packages and parcels.

Distribution & Storage

Anndex can help you with the distribution of your products in the United States and globally. We have a secure warehouse in the United States where your merchandise can be stored for the amount of time that you need. To keep your goods safe we perform inventories and regular monitoring of your stock as per your specifications.

Mailing Program

For those who are abroad Anndex offers a mailing address in the United States, to help you receive your packages and then ships it out to its final destiny.


The purchasing department will help you search for your products through worldwide suppliers, and then deliver the products right to your home or place of business.

Consolidate Packages

We are always looking out for your best interest, so feel send as many packages as you want to you U.S. address and we will bundle them up and send them as one big package, how is that for saving you money.